Date                             Comp   Team                       Venue     Score     Result  
17th Sept 2013 MBL Nomads2 Home     16-2    Win
2nd Oct 2013 MBL PVBC2 Home     10-8    Win
8th Oct 2013 MBL Silver Feathers2 Home     16-2    Win
15th Oct 2013 MBL Disley1 Home     13-5    Win
14th Nov 2013 MBL Silver Feathers2 Away     4-14    Win
19th Nov 2013 MBL Edgeley3 Home     15-3    Win
28th Nov 2013 MBL Disley2 Away


3rd Dec 2013 CUP Medlock Home 242-208.5    Win
8th Jan 2014 MBL Edgeley3 Away     7-11    Win
21st Jan 2014 MBL Dome Home     5-13    Loss
4th Feb 2014 CUP PVBC Home 212-261.5    Loss
27th Feb 2014 MBL PVBC2 Away


5th Mar 2014 MBL Nomads2 Away     4-14    Win
19th Mar 2014 MBL Dome Away     13-5    Loss
8th Apr 2014 MBL Disley2 Home     16-2    Win
17th Apr 2014


Disley1 Away     6-12    Win

Latest News

On Saturday 11th May 2019 - GHAP will once again start a programme of coaching for new members and those that need a refresher.  Session will cost £5 for everyone attending the first hour with the coaching, and £3.50 for those attending from 2-4.

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